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Working Teckels in Northumberland


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Welcome to Darswed Teckels

Working Teckels in Northumberland.

please bear with me as I rebuild this site during 2018 , it will take a while !! 
Thank you 

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While I will happily talk about Teckels to most folk and pretty much at any time, It has now reached a point where have to draw a line somewhere. First off I am not an ?expert? in anything ! I can talk about my own experiences with the breeds traits, abilities,limitations, etc etc as a working or pet dog. But I cannot advise about training individual dogs either working or pets or behavioral issues as there are far far too many variables at play, same goes for breeding attempts. I cannot give advice on how to breed dogs ! I feel I don't have the experience or qualifications to give advice to others on a subject that could have serious implications if things go wrong. Please try and take it up with your pups breeder if at all possible ! I get a lot of emails, telephone calls re Teckels and simply cannot talk to everyone about every problem. I regret it has come to this but as said, I must draw the line. But to be clear, if you do buy a pup or use our studs or simply want advice on the breed in general, then of course I am here to talk. Thanks, John

Darswed Nimrod 

Ginny with cull buck 
We now have a Face book presence !
Holly,Ginny,Lottie and Aya
Mother and daughter
(Lottie and Ginny) 
Over 28000 site views,and over 500,000 You tube views !! 
New video added 
 Another very nice buck

Aya, our founding bitch, sadly no longer with us 



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Please take a look at our Northumbrian album, Pictures of Northumberlands Landscapes, wildlife and fauna.


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